Lily Snow writes wicked femdom fiction about the balance of power in sex, and what happens when one person submits to another’s desires.

In the five-part series Breaking Josh, we see how far a man will go to win the love of the girl of his dreams. Juliette Hartford runs Blackwood Manor, a successful winery in the Pacific Northwest. But the business is actually a front for something much more bizarre: the country’s foremost training center for submissive males.

When Josh Stevens runs into his ex-girlfriend Juliette, he finally realizes he can’t live without her. Juliette still loves him, but requires a test of obedience before taking him back: graduate from her center’s training program.

It won’t be easy. He faces three months of intensive slave training and re-education at the hands of Juliette’s lover, Talia, who has her own reasons for hoping Josh washes out of the program.

Will he succeed at becoming the “man” Juliette wants?

In The Athena AgencyKatrina White is on a mission to put women in positions of power over men, and she’s willing to do just about anything to further her goals. After taking over her wealthy husband’s company, she founded The Athena Agency, a covert organization that strips power from influential males and trains young women to take their place.

When spunky college senior Julia comes to her attention, Katrina is impressed and offers her a spot in their program. Soon, Julia is on a rocket to success, preparing to help re-educate two new trainees, a lawyer and a movie director. The men will soon find their lives intersecting intimately with Julia’s, as her star rises and their’s descends into slavery.