Lily Snow writes wicked femdom fiction about the balance of power in sex, and what happens when one person submits to another’s desires.


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Josh knew he would do anything to be with Juliette Hartford, even become trained as her lifelong slave. Since deciding to submit himself to her training facility, Josh discovered within him a deep reservoir of submissive need, and the desire to serve all women as his superiors.

This instinct will serve him well, now that he’s been loaned to Juliette’s friend, Monique, and flown to her chateau in France, where he will experience a wholly new style of submission: one of iron and pain. At Monique’s home, the old ways are treasured, and males are routinely shaped into servile creatures, eager to please their betters.

As Josh struggles under his new training, the weight of being apart from Juliette will add to his torments. Will he bear up under the pressure, and make his Mistress proud?

This story is 11,000 words and is the sequel to the 5-part Breaking Josh series.




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When a professional dominatrix wakes up to find a man in her home with a knife, she does what comes naturally: she subdues him, leaving him bound and helpless on her bedroom floor.

But what next? Involving the police would mean unwanted attention from the courts, reporters and neighbors. So she decides not to throw away her privacy. She decides instead to fix him.

Her would-be attacker will be broken down, and retrained into someone suitable for society. It’s a daunting job, but she knows a thing or two about training males.




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Katrina White is on a mission to put women in positions of power over men, and she’s willing to do just about anything to further her goals. After taking over her wealthy husband’s company, she founded The Athena Agency, a covert organization that strips power from influential males and trains young women to take their place. Their methods are direct and intense, leaving the males in a state of servile humility to all women.

When spunky college senior Julia comes to Katrina’s attention, she is impressed and offers the young woman a spot in their program. Membership in the Agency is a life-changing event, for all involved. Soon, Julia is on a rocket to success, preparing to help re-educate two new trainees, a lawyer and a movie director. The men will soon find their lives intersecting intimately with Julia’s, as her star rises and their’s descends into slavery.


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Katrina’s eager young protege Julia watches and learns as the Agency reaches out, forcefully bringing two more once-powerful men under their control. Once on the island, the intake process is not easy for them, but it is effective.

The kidnapped males find themselves stripped, plugged, shaved and outfitted with collars capable of slowing their movements or even paralyzing them. Steel holding cells await the trainees, giving them time to properly reflect on how drastically their lives have changed.

As the male’s old lives are stripped away, Julia comes to realize just how powerful Katrina is, and what type of amazing future lies in store for her.


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How far will a man go to win the girl of his dreams? Juliette Hartford runs Blackwood Manor, a successful winery in the Pacific Northwest. But the business is actually a front for something much more bizarre: the country’s foremost training center for submissive males.

When Josh Stevens runs into ex-girlfriend Juliette, he finally realizes he can’t live without her. Juliette still loves him, but requires a test of obedience before taking him back: graduate from her center’s training program.

It won’t be easy. He faces three months of intensive slave training and re-education at the hands of Juliette’s lover, Talia, who has her own reasons for hoping Josh washes out of the program.


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Josh’s descent into submission continues, as his trainer Talia applies her skills at teasing, humiliation and re-conditioning to soften him up.

The male is strapped down to the Conditioning Table, a very special device designed to brainwash slaves, filling their minds with whatever their owners choose for them.

Will Josh’s resistance hold? Or will Talia accomplish what Juliette desires: crafting him into the perfect slave?


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Josh’s training as a submissive is coming along, but Talia feels he needs something extra to really help him admit his new status. She finds just the thing when she invites Josh’s former lover Victoria out to the Center.

It’s a special day for both of them, as Victoria learns Josh is not the strong, masculine rogue she once thought, and Josh is forced to admit his new position to a woman he previously enjoyed any way he pleased.

As the women have their way with him, Josh comes to regret his previous cavalier ways, and feels within him the stirrings of respect and humble obedience to all women.


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As Talia continues her assault on Josh’s resistance, he makes a surprising new friend inside the Manor, a female who has chosen to undergo slave training herself, in preparation for one day becoming a Mistress.

Juliette returns to check on his progress, and her feelings of love and domination for Josh take shape in an intense, wicked claiming that leaves Josh totally overwhelmed.

While he is understandably happy to see her, Juliette’s feelings toward him don’t sit well with Talia. Her revenge upon him will leave Josh a changed man forever.


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As Talia’s revenge on Josh becomes clear, it is obvious to all that he’s been changed forever. His second time on the Conditioning Table has left him with some new urges, things he never dreamed he would ever want.

Meanwhile, Juliette’s old friend Monique arrives from France, where she runs The Chateau, a sister facility to Blackwood Manor. She and Juliette mend some old fences, with startling results for poor Josh.